Pattern Generator Model
ca 30 kb

Try to move around the model and walk trough:

Walk on terrain: Arrow keys (alternative Keys: W, D, S, A)
Turn: Move mouse in window

Zoom: Ctrl & MouseDown
Rotate: Alt & MouseDown
Pan: Shift & MouseDown

Drag the yellow ball from a top view to change position


Pattern Generator Software

- Download the Software and build your own models
- Save your 3D-modell as lingo-code
- Upload models to your web-page
Use the lingo-code to integrate your model into own director projects
Download Software (zip file 3,2 mb)
Ein Studienprojekt an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Fakultät Architektur, Sommersemester 2002
Internet-Auftritt: Valentin Hadelich
Pattern Generator Web-Page (Info, Galery, Instructions, Download Software)
Bauhaus-Uni-Weimar > Pattern Generator (Lehrstuhl für Informatik in der Architektur)